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We bet you’ve never seen magic girls like that! Battle Armour Sailor Senshi are serious business!

Once again this amazing group of talented cosplayers have assembled awesome armour cosplays based on Gladzy Kei’s fantastic designs! Each outfit was put together by the respective cosplayed and was done in less than three weeks! Wow! 

Credit goes to Gladzy Kei for Sailor Mercury, Jessica Nigri for Sailor Mars, Andy Rae for Sailor Jupiter, Jessica Roh for Sailor Venus and Vicky Lau for Sailor Chibi Moon!!!


Behold my new life motto


Behold my new life motto

(via ninjapirate83)

I still love this game, this is my “I’m too stoned for thinking” game.

This is one of those memes I like better stoned, honestly.

I’m not proud of how much I loved this damn video.

So now I’m all nostalgic for the old memes. So I dub this old meme day! Sing along, you know the words!

I hadn’t seen this in too long.  Time to bring it back!